The BioResonance Laser is the result of more than 15 years of research in the field of Quantum Physics, Zero-point Energy and the concept of an all-pervading, multi-dimensional, intelligent matrix which confines our physical form.

Our goal was to convert this research into practical energetic tools for everyday life.

We consider the BioResonance Laser our most important and beneficial tool. It is easy to use and offers a quick solution for regaining the original blueprint information in water and food.

Werner Brandmaier, Dipl. Ing


The BioResonance Laser provides informational frequencies to boost the energy content of water & food and to counteract disorder and stress in our body. Energetic drain on a cellular level is a significant cause for depletion, dysfunction and finally for illness.

When we understand that food nourishes our body to a large degree through its energetic quality and through beneficial subtle frequencies, we can imagine that stress and chaos are harmful and need to be avoided or counteracted. No wonder that a microwave does major damage to food, no wonder that cellphones and computers ruin our water, especially as water is the major memory medium for high frequency information.

Live-Blood Microscopy

In order to test such mechanisms we use live-blood microscopy, a method utilizing the quick response of blood cells to energetic changes in the environment. We work with several practitioners to get a variety of views and feedback. Some of their results are shown below.

Live blood analysis is a method to investigate the quality of blood. Ideally the shape of the cells should be all round and even, they should be separated from each other and reside in their own space. Oxidative stress, caused by acidic lifestyle, junk food, smoking, etc. deforms the cells and leads them to stick to each other, sometimes creating long chains (rouleaux formations). Rouleaux is a non-specific indicator of the presence of disease. (Wikipedia).



Test 1: Drinking lasered Water improves the quality of your blood in minutes


lasered water

The left picture shows unhealthy blood with sticky deformed cells. The right picture shows how quickly and easily blood can be changed after drinking water which was lasered for 10 seconds using the blue BioResonance Laser. Depending on the overall health of a person these changes in the blood hold for some time (usually between 15 and 30 minutes). The water itself holds the frequency charge easily up to 24 hours. We therefore recommend to charge a bottle of water in the morning, then sip on it all day long to give the body new healthy impulses as often as possible.


Test 2: Coffee unlasered and lasered



One sip of coffee, even organic coffee as used forour test, messes up blood within a minute. When drinking lasered coffee instead, blood looks good (picture right).


Test 3: Junk food unlasered and lasered


lasered hamburger

We used a fast food meal (Hamburger with a soda) to demonstrate that a few bites are enough to make the blood sluggish, somehow bloated with square shapes, tired and imbalanced. The BioResonance Laser, on the other hand, changes the food within 15 seconds. The blood taken after eating the lasered hamburger looks perfect in the right picture.
P.S. Although the laser works well to neutralize fast food, we still recommend organic food for the higher energy and their content of minerals and vitamins.


Test 4: Water from a microwave oven/EMFs


lasering microwaved food

Most people are not aware how damaging the microwave oven is for our food. Many restaurants heat up 100% of their meals in a microwave. On the left side we see strong rouleaux formations after drinking a few sips of water which had been heated in a microwave. What we cannot see on this picture is that several cells were shaking in a high pitch as if they still were processing the microwave energy. After lasering the very same water sample from the microwave with the BioResonance Laser (for 10 seconds), a few sips and another blood sample show a significantly improved blood structure.


Test 5: Smoking a cigarette


smoking lasered cigarette

That’s our most extreme experiment: on the left: live blood after only 3 puffs of a cigarette, on the right: live blood after smoking a lasered cigarette. (lasered for 15 seconds). (I’d like to emphasize that the second picture was taken after smoking a (lasered) cigarette, not after drinking lasered water.)
Note: In general the fastest transfer of frequencies into the body is achieved by drinking lasered water.


live blood microscope


Our challenge was to understand the damaging mechanism of stress caused by physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual incoherence (disharmony), which deteriorates parts of our energetic body and appears finally in the most dense form, in the physical body as illness.


Water is the most important substance in our life. It also is our most important food. Few people are aware of that yet. Our body is made of 80% water when we are born, and still at least 65% when we die. Our blood is made of more than 90% water, so is our brain. Dehydration is one of the biggest issues in overal health, especially also with our children at school. Just one percent less water in the blood slows the brain down and weakens focus and concentration. Coffee and sodas on the contrary dehydrate even further.

We should not just be concerned about the amount of water we drink. The quality of the water is even more important: Consider the pH-level (acidic or alkaline), ORP-level (oxidadive reduction potential), right- or left spin of the electrons, the right surface tension to enable a smoother transition through cellwalls and the structure of the water molecule itself.

It is well known that water holds energetic information, both positive and negative. If we expose water to a strong geopathic or electro-magnetic environment, as it happens in our technology driven world, water easily picks up chaotic incoherent signals and holds on to them. Water has memory! When we drink this water, all the harmful components are quickly distributed within our body and all cells throughout the body.

Can you imagine what just our latest toys, cellphones and computers, do to our food? They are part of our life today, if we like it or not. They often “sleep” next to us, definitely accompany our teenage kids. There is barely a possibility to escape any longer. If you don’t have a cellphone, the people surrounding you, do. And there are plenty…

We’ve developed a process called IMA- technology (Intelligent Matrix Activation) to reactivate the original blueprint information which is in resonance with the matrix field holding everything in a superior, intelligent order. IMA-technology uses a multi-dimensional approach utilizing subtle frequency activation in higher dimensional patterns working with the 12 dimensional model of German scientist Burkhard Heim.

How the BioResonance Laser Works

The BioResonance Laser uses laser light to carry subtle frequency information. The laser is a low energy laser, the photon beam functions as a carrier wave. Similar to a radio signal, the carrier wave brings the desired modulated signal from the transmitter station into your home, but has nothing to do with the music itself. In a similar way the laser beam carries informational frequencies with it.

Corresponding to the concept of low concentration/high dilution in Homeopathy we found that this subtle energy propagation works best with low power lasers (5mW or less). Light penetrates liquids and food easily and therefore is ideal to infuse these frequencies into any substances. In our research the laser was also used to stimulate acupuncture points and energy centers on the body. The distribution from cell to cell through the body is instant.

We’ve recently learned that most big food chains run 100% of their hot meals through a microwave heating system! This means that if you eat out chances are high that there is NO ENERGETC VALUE left in your food. Even “organic” food is often processed or stored in a rough environment such as the refrigerator or a food processor. A blender, for example, is the largest contributor of electromagnetic fields in a kitchen. The scientific acknowledgement of these dangers is still at the beginning.

Bioresonance PRO-II Laser


The BioResonance PRO-II Laser boosts the energy of beverages & food and assists the practitioner in their field of expertise. It balances and regenerates body functions and supports the body’s capacity for self-healing on physical, etheric and emotional levels.The photon beam of the PRO-II Laser carries more than 4000 subtle informational frequencies.

BioResonance Pro 2 Laser

The BioResonance Pro-II Laser may*:

  • Restructure and energize drinking water.
  • Neutralize environmental (geopathic) stress charges in water and food.
  • Neutralize electro-magnetic charge (EMFs) in water and food, caused by cellphones and other electronics, but also by blenders and especially microwave ovens.
  • Boost beneficial nutritional frequencies in food.
  • Mximize the benefits of supplements.
  • Help neutralize the energetic damage of sodas, coffee and energy drinks.
  • Help neutralize the energetic damage of junk food or unhealthy food choices.
  • Reduce the body’s response to food allergens.
  • Change the taste of drinks by making them taste slightly smoother and less bitter, water a bit “silkier”.
  • Help to counteract toxic side effects of food additives and artificial sweetener.
  • Support the body to detox stored energetic patterns of geopathic stress and EMFs.
  • Reactivate blueprint information in cells throughout the body for an increase in vitality.
  • Show reversal of cell coagulation in blood as repeatedly shown in live blood microscopy tests. (Sticky red blood cells are the major cause for high blood pressure).
  • Increase balance, endurance and strength of athletes.
  • Increase overall balance of seniors.
  • Balance uneven hips.
  • Contribute advanced frequencies to increase focus and concentration (for children and grown ups).
  • Assist with dissolving energetic scars on the subtle etheric body.
  • Assist with balancing chakras.
  • Provide higher dimensional harmonics of the 528 Hz heart frequency.
  • Allow easy stimulation of acupuncture and acupressure points.
  • Assist the body with accelerated self healing on many levels.
  • Change the taste of cigarettes and the desire for smoking.
  • Reduce toxic impact of cigarettes (as seen in live blood microscopy).
  • Reduce the body’s response to toxins in alcohol.
  • Assist with accelerated healing after dental surgery.
  • Assist with calming irritated nerves (esp. teeth).
  • Assist with calming headaches and migraines, esp. when applied to acupuncture points.
  • Transfer subtle doses of homeopathics and essential oils onto the body.
  • Contain frequencies to enhance emotional and spiritual balance.
  • Discharge emotional negativity (anger, frustration, fear etc.) similar to a cloud buster.
  • Provide advanced chakra balancing to raise consciousness.
  • Be great for pets and plants, as well.

The best and easiest way to transfer subtle frequencies into our body is by lasering drinking water. When we consume this water the information is transferred immediately to the water content in our body and in our cells.


Additional Effects

Medical professionals may use the BioResonance laser within their own field of expertise. A lot of acupuncturists have used the BioResonance PRO Laser instead of needles with great results. We are working with a group of professionals, acupuncturists, chiropractors, etc. in close research projects to learn about the many possibilities and incredible results reported.


The BioResonance Lasers may* also:

  • Reactivate blueprint information in food, maximizing the original nutritional benefit and suppressing toxic and harmful incoherent information. Great for eating out in restaurants, as you never know how the food is cooked and processed. But even at home it is difficult to always control quality and ingredients. We recommend using the BioResonance Laser with all food one eats!
  • Counteract the unhealthy effect of artificial sweetener and other food additives.
  • Revitalize food from the microwave oven! (as shown on the live blood samples above). Energetically total worthless, micro-waved food gets some of its values back. (It still is better NOT to use a microwave at all!)
  • Clear the memory of water with the BR laser in just a few seconds. Similar to the microwave oven, keeping a bottle of water in your bag close to your cellphone or on the desk next to a computer ruins the subtle molecular structure of the water.
  • Change the taste of food, especially any bitter aspects, such as in coffee, wine, grapefruit and other juices. This often is experienced as a smoother and softer texture, even water tastes better!
  • Reduce the toxicity of alcohol. We’ve got interesting feedback about how liquor tastes smoother, sweeter and it seems one does not get intoxicated the same way, there is a much reduced hangover experienced next day. (In addition to the use of the BR laser we found that wearing a BioResonance pendant will override storing the negative frequency of the alcohol in the body.) However, these are observations and it is not our intent in any way to promote drinking or smoking!
  • Increase the potency of supplements and energetic remedies, such as flower remedies. Check with your practitioner to adapt the dosage, if necessary.
  • Accelerate the detoxification from charges of Geopathic Stress in the body and strengthen the body’s biofield against environmental drains and damage from EMFs. Best way is to apply the BioResonance Laser to your drinking water.
  • Assist the self-healing capacity of cells with any type of injury. Laser the area of injury itself, but also use it on beneficial acupuncture spots. There are several internet sites who do a great job giving an overview which points to use for specific challenges. For example: Acupressure Point Finder or Acupressure Point Index
  • Help relax muscles, increase circulation and overall vitality. In order to get best results use it from inside, too, by lasering the drinking water.
  • Increase strength, endurance and balance significantly, greatly appreciated by athletes, but also by seniors, when physical balance becomes an issue with age.

We appreciate your feedback and success stories.




How to use the BioResonance Lasers?
On water
Use for about 10 seconds, shine right through plastic bottle with circular movement. With glass bottles, especially when tainted, we recommend to shine laser through opening. Increase time up to 1 minute for larger containers – e.g. a 5 gallon container.
On food
Move laser in circular movement over each plate for 10 – 15 seconds.
On the body
Between 1 – 3 minutes at a time. As we only apply frequency information with a light beam, there is no overuse possible!
In general
Use energetic testing such as Applied Kinesiology or BodyDowsing to determine optimal times and protocols.
For safety reasons
Keep lasers away from children!
Never shine into eyes, although BioResonance Lasers are of the lowest and most safe laser class of <5mW.

How many frequencies does the BioResonance Laser hold?
Bioresoance PRO-II Laser – more than 4000 informational frequencies

What distance between laser and object should be used?
We recommend to use it close, a few inches away, but as the light functions as a carrier only, it does not really matter.

How long do the frequencies last?
The informational frequencies in the BioResonace Laser are activated by photon light and therefore do not wear out. The BioResonance Laser uses simple AAA batteries which need to get replaced when the light gets weak.

Can I use the BioResonanceLaser on the eyes?
Although our BioResonance Lasers are of the lowest laser class (<5mW) we do strictly advice people (for safety reasons) to NEVER point a laser into one’s face or to apply the laser close to one’s eyes!
Keep away from children.

I’ve heard rumors there is a dangerous radiation emitted from lasers?
Lasers emit light through activation of a diode. There is NO electromagnetic field (EMF) emitted by a low energy cold laser!

What guarantees and warrantees are offered?
We offer for products bought from our site:

  • 30 day money back guarantee – No questions asked!
  • 12 month exchange warrantee if the laser has a misfunction from normal wear & tear. (“one time replacement”).

What’s the difference to those popular crystal wands?

  • Crystals resonate with specific frequencies. Crystal wands are usually filled with a granulate mix of different crystals.
  • The infusion with frequencies usually takes longer.
  • The frequency spectrum (number of frequencies) is limited to the crystal mix and cannot be adapted.
  • Crystals usually pick up charges from the environment and need to be cleansed.
  • The original charge of crystals can lose some strength over time and they might need a recharge once in a while.
  • Crystal wands cannot be turned on and off, so they radiate everything in their field just by carrying them around.


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* For legal reasons we have decided to describe the features of our products as possible outcomes in the form “they may”. We want you to be aware that we work within subtle energetic realms which are differently experienced from person to person. All of the listed benefits have been reported multiple times with use of our lasers, but individual responses can be different.

Our products have not been approved by the FDA. They are not intended to treat, cure or be a substitute for medical attention in any way. They are energetic tools and support body and mind in addition to regular medical care. If you have a medical condition or question, please contact your health care provider promptly.

Please note:
The use and reproduction of texts and text sections, particularly those which represent the results of our research, including pictures, graphics, audio and video files is not permitted without written authorisation in advance, and will result in legal action.

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